In the Summertime

Over the Summer we were blessed by many visitors, family and friends alike. Ronnie’s parents and sister were the first to visit and we had some wonderful quality time together. I loved watching my parents-in-law interacting with the Twins, whether reading to them, feeding them a bottle or just plain lovin’ on them 🙂 We took them up the mountain tram at Alyeska for a true “Alaskan” experience and had a reunion with a bunch of their family members who live in Wasilla. They happened to be here during the JBER Air Show, which was definitely a site to see! They were also here to celebrate my 32nd Birthday and treated us to a wonderful dinner at a brewpub in downtown Anchorage. Our time together was so special and, as always, went by much too quickly. Here are some highlights I was able to capture from their visit…




DSC_0052 IMG_4041 IMG_4046 DSC_0053 DSC_0263 IMG_4114 IMG_4131

After the Millers left, we welcomed the Lamberts to Alaska! We enjoyed having Ben, Kelly and their adorable kiddos here for a week. We were able to give the twins some great quality time with their cousins and did quite a few trips to the park so the kids could play. We even enjoyed a date night out (sans children 🙂 with Kelly and Ben at the delicious Glacier Brewhouse, our favorite restaurant. That was one of the most enjoyable evenings we’ve had in a long time and we’re so thankful we got to spend it with family. Here are some photos of their visit…

IMG_4173 IMG_4188 IMG_4216 IMG_4229 IMG_4238 IMG_4246

After the Lamberts left, we had a few down days then welcomed the Loniewskys! They were here for 10 days and had a lot of adventures and day trips. Amy and I spent a lot of time just sitting and talking (our favorite thing) and even squeezed in a coffee date and pedicure! Ronnie and Rob spent a lot of time fishing and did a deep-sea charter down in Seward. Hooray for a freezer stocked with salmon, halibut and rock fish! Everyone was having so much fun that we didn’t actually get a lot of pictures taken together, but we managed to get a few before they left. I think between them and Ronnie there are many more (hopefully some of Amy and I together…), but for now here are a few I happened to have on my phone…

IMG_4341 IMG_4379 IMG_4389

Our last expected company (my Mom:) comes next week and will be here for the Twins’ First Birthday! We had a fun and busy Summer, are currently enjoying a beautiful Alaskan Autumn, and we are looking forward to hunkering down for the Winter. Thank you to all of our family friends who made it a priority to visit us! We hope to return the favor soon…

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